The First International German Black Literary Prize Award (May Ayim Award)

May Ayim

Despite all obstacles, Blacks in Germany are developing and implementing ideas, organizing events and paving the way for a self-empowered Black community. The way to achieving the goal may still be long, but Black visionaries and organizations are taking up the challenge. A challenging event was initiated and turned into reality. It is The first International German Black literary Prize Award (May Ayim Award).

The name “May Ayim” was chosen for the award in recognition of the fundamental work of late May Ayim in bringing Black German literature to public awareness as well as her relentless efforts in the Black German movement to achieve self-empowerment. May Ayim, a Ghanaian-German born in 1960, grew up and studied in Germanyto become author, poet and a prominent activist in the Black German movement. Her dissertation formed the basis of her booktitledFarbe bekennen. Afro-Deutsche Frauen auf den Spuren Ihrer Geschichte

The book was later translated and published in English under the title Showing our Colors (Amherst 1992). It became one of the most referenced books in publications relating to Black/Afro-German issues.

The first International German Black literary Prize Award ceremony took place on the 29th October 2004 at the House of World Cultures in Berlin , Germany . The award named May Ayim Award was initiated by Michael Küppers-Adebisi, and organized in cooperation with the House of World Cultures, German Commission for UNESCO, the online portal CyberNomads of which Küppers-Adebisi is a founding member, a team of authors called Macht der Nacht and the artist/sculptor Stephen Lawson who donated the awards sculpture. The event was also supported in numerous ways by businesses and individuals from the Black community within and outside Germany. According to the organizers of the event, the award is aimed at Black contestants worldwide working/involved in literary arts. The submitted work may incorporate May Ayims vision; constructively overcoming isolation of individual Blacks in the mainstream society of Whites, promotion of heritage identity and self-empowerment.

The call for submission of literary works was published early 2004 in the media. A couple months later, works including stories, fine art, multimedia CDs and music videos were submitted to the organizing committee. Works were received from as far as the USA and  Canada . A jury was elected comprising Peggy Pieche, Dr. Marion Kraft, Adetoun Kueppers-Adebisi, Robert Ajani and Ekpenyong Ani. 

First Prize
Name: Mario Curvello
Work/Title: Die letzte Fabel der Schildkröte

Second Prize

Name: Kofi Yakpo

Work/Title: Love of Convenience

Third Prize

Name: Luc Degla

Work/Title: Ein ganz normaler Abend


First Prize

Name: Olumide Popoola

Work/Title: Undercurrents

Second Prize

Name: Amatoritsero Ede

Work/Title: The Skinheads Lords Prayer

3rd place


Third Prize

Name: Hakim Al-Jamil aka Harold Lee Rush

Work/Title: Who killed McDuffie? A definitive question


First Prize

Name: MC Santana

Work/Title: Watch Your Wayz

Second Prize

Name: Germ

Work/Title: G.E.R.M

Third Prize

Name: Kofi Yakpo

Work/Title: Ich hab geträumt

Competition Honorary Mention

Name: Adedayo Adebisi

Work/Title: Freunde

Non Competition Honorary Mention

Name: Yamile Lijphart